Start Delivering the Value of Pika Energy Storage

Opportunities for energy storage systems are on the rise. California’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs have created a customer need for solutions that both protect from the power outages, and maximize their monthly savings.

As part of the new Generac Clean Energy Solutions group, we're hosting free 1-day training sessions (NABCEP-qualified) to help installers accelerate on Pika Energy storage sales and installation.

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Pika Energy Storage Training

Homeowner demand for seamless solar, storage and energy management integration has never been higher. Secure your seat to start selling and installing the Pika Energy Island. 

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9AM-12PM | Sales Training

10:30AM - 2PM | Technical Training

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Owners / Operators / Sales Leads

  • Learn installation best practices 
  • Gain insights into the evolution of storage for resiliency and backup

  • Get a preview of emerging solutions in the Generac Energy product pipeline



Introducing Generac Clean Energy

Global Enterprise

The power and scale of a Fortune 1000 company, with award-winning support.

Efficient and Elegant

Enhanced home energy insights in an intuitive customer interface.

Insight & Intelligence

Powerful, elegant, efficient-energy storage solution.

Get Trained & Certified

Join Pika and Neurio at a CED Greentech branch near you. Register below to sign up by city.


  • Learn how to provide cost/value analysis to make storage enticing to homeowners

  • Get proven techniques in overcoming homeowner objections and boosting sales

  • Offer a differentiated solution that gives homeowners resilience and faster solar payback

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Owners / Operators / Sales Leads / Installers / Electricians

Become a Certified Pika Energy Installer

Get access to rebates and special pricing

Receive a flow of homeowner leads looking to purchase storage in your area

Get your company certified. Have at least one member attend each session to qualify.




August 20 | 21 | 22

*Lunch break included at 12PM

Our Speakers

Director of Distribution

Kelly Berg

We’re bringing in industry sales and technical experts from Pika Energy and Neurio Technology to share business strategies and actionable installation knowledge to empower your business.

Neal Martin

Senior Hawaii Sales & Support Leader